“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

New American Home – Incubators in Chicago

Our Home And The Future Home Of Incoming Startups And Scaleups To The U.S.

The companies participating in our program will stay in one of these incubators in Chicago, the most important ones in the Midwest. We aggregate and have access to their robust expertise and network. In addition, we can also help their startups and accelerator programs internationalize within our network and support, globally.




Bio + Health Tech

Bosch Chicago Connectory

IoT + Industry 4.0

Motorola mHub

Industry 4.0

SOFT LANDING  – 6 – 12 Months

Different than startups, scaleups focus on furthering market development and penetration, rather than seeking investment for initial growth derived from market validation and initial penetration. With this objective in mind, leveraging our structure, we tailored a soft landing program based on collaboration to determine the stated goals of each company with which we enter into an agreement.

Month 1: Discovery

Discovery Phase: material gathering, market research, and business formation

We offer:

Analysis: The company will provide all relevant material, including the current business plan, complete with all the past and current business and marketing strategies, financial information, branding guidelines, and any other relevant material deemed necessary by our or their team.
Research: We will form the American subsidiary, including the partners’ contractual agreement, with a well-defined exit strategy, including the immigration-versioned business plan;
Legalities: Business formation, including contract between partners. Incubator’s membership, and bank account opening.

We get to know the company to better adapt to its market.

Month 2: Planning & Strategy

Planning Phase: strategies definition, lean canvas, and strategic local partners definition

We offer:

Planning: Adaptation plans for the business model adaptation, product, and revenue.
Strategy: Marketing strategy plan with defined KPIs, including PPC, events, and soft launch budget.
Strategic Partnerships: Finalized list of potential local corporate partners, corporate customers (for B2B model specifically), and strategic VC funds for the follow-up investment.

Defining the strategy that will best suit the startup’s vision and goals.

Month 3 – 12: Implementation

Implementation Phase: SEO and digital marketing campaign, collateral design, business development seeking market validation.

We offer:

Marketing Campaign: SEO and digital marketing campaigns implementation, including collateral marketing design.
Business Development: Business development to seek potential partners and clients, including representation in networking and potential soft launch events.
Final Full Landing Analysis: Final analysis defining the potential for full landing, including an initial immigration strategy review.

Achieving market validatation ultimately leading to a “go/no-go” decision for full landing.”