“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Industry 4.0 – Open Innovation Era

Closed Innovation

Solutions generated through internal resources only.

High Cost + Limited Results

Through the closed or traditional innovation model, companies rely on internal resources only, which limits their capability to generate solutions outside of their scope of knowledge. Only results that are aligned with the current company’s interest are considered. All other potential results are considered losses.

Open Innovation

Solutions generated through internal + external resources.

Lower Cost + Broader Results

Through the open innovation model, companies have access to internal and external resources, broadening their capability to generate solutions outside of their scope of knowledge. All results can be leveraged by the company, whether they are new products aligned to their own vision, accessing new markets, or leveraged by other companies. Therefore, there are no losses and potential extra gains for a considerably lower cost, than the traditional model.

Our Open Innovation Solution

We’d like to be seen as the international extension reach to all corporation’s open innovation solutions, where their local ecosystems can be limited.

We tap into our extensive network, including independent and academic incubators, and apply the design thinking methodology to help corporations discover and develop new opportunities, creating new insights through our innovation framework focused on the human factor.

Our Frameworks

Phase I – Discovery

This phase is for companies that need help identifying the most important problem, then the solution. We use design thinking to identify, frame and define a problem worth solving.

Identifying the right problem up front is crucial for any innovation initiative. We focus on addressing relevant aspects of a problem, engaging the company’s team towards a common purpose and gaining confidence that we are tackling a problem worth solving. We have built a toolkit to rapidly learn about the company’s customers, stakeholders, and business problems. This first phase is dedicated to uncovering and prioritizing the top problem(s) for the company’s business or customers.

Phase II – Planning & Strategy

This phase is for once companies have identified the problem or opportunity, and now need help finding the solution. We use human centered innovation to find best solution.

In this phase we brainstorm, research and prioritize specific solutions to the defined business problem. Depending on the nature of the solution, this could entail immersive ecosystem scanning (academic and independent incubators, accelerators and startups, as well as academic projects) to find the ideal solution in correlation with industry trends and insights. In doing so we will validate the value of identified solution.

Phase III – Develop

This phase is for concept ideation & refinement. For companies that would like to develop and test a prototype or solution.

Once the solution or startup is found, we will help adapt the solution to the company, working in partnership with this startup or person responsible for the project. If there is no solution on the market, we will set up a team to develop it. In this phase, we will have a team of specialists dedicated entirely to the development of the solution. Depending on their nature, it may also be necessary to lease and / or purchase specific materials and laboratories.

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