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What Are O-Visas?

O-visas allow individuals with an extraordinary ability to legally work in the United States and receive financial gain. This visa can also be a direct path to permanent residency (green card).


O-visas allow professionals to be legally compensanted for their work, while in the U.S.

Although it might sound overwhelming, extraordinary ability stands for recognized outstanding achievements. Some examples of outstanding achievements are:

  • awards for excellence;
  • honorary mentions;
  • published materials in recognized major publications, and
  • any other proof of a major contribution that an individual has done within their field of expertise.

Some of these can be:

  • Speaking at conferences, panels, or seminars;
  • Teaching workshops or classes;
  • Artists in art expos or tours;
  • Writers in book tours;
  • Singers in performing tours;
  • Expert contractors in specific projects;
  • Professors to teach seminars;
  • Temporary or permanent job roles.

O-Visa Industry Qualification

Professionals from any industry can qualify for the O-visa.


Professionals related to STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) areas are highly valued in the United States since these are challenging fields to find talent, especially finding professional women in these areas.

Some examples are:

  • Sciences: researchers, doctors, nurses;
  • Technology: computer scientists, programmers, developers, data scientists;
  • Engineering: engineers from all specialties;
  • Arts: artists, 3D artists, writers, designers, singers, musicians, actors, producers, directors, photographers, illustrators;
  • Mathematics: mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries;

Other areas that can qualify for an O-Visa are*:

  • Athletics: athletes, coaches;
  • Education: distinguished professors, principals, deans;
  • Business: directors, high-ranked managers, executive-level leaders.

*Please note the list is not limited to the examples provided. Any professional that has been recognized for their outstanding achievement is encouraged to apply.

O-Visa Application Materials

In addition to the form and the documentation proving outstanding achievements, the packaged material to apply for the O-Visa must also contain proof of an engagement in place, whether it’s through an itinerary or a letter of employment.

The full package must have:

  • Documentation proving outstanding achievements;
  • Immigration form
  • Itinerary
  • Resume
  • Letter of Employment

We are able to help you with the entire package or parts of it.

We can also help with job placement

If you are interested in having the O-Visa sponsored by Idea Lunchbox, please fill out our short pre-qualification form. Once you are pre-qualified, we will put you in contact with HTFL to start your O-Visa process and get you ready to temporarily or permanently stay in the U.S.