“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Peter Drucker

We Have the Most Comprehensive Internationalization Program

We were able to create an adapted internationalization model sharing tasks between our team and the startup’s or scaleup’s, consequently lowering the costs. This not only allows the program to be affordable, but still effectively matches the expectations of a minimum justified investment required for American immigration. Hence, why it’s the most comprehensive tailored internationalization program for startups and scaleups. 

The Model Accommodates Not Having To Move Abroad

Most accelerator models do not include assisting startups with immigration or verticalization, so they find themselves with a weak presence, mostly with a “shell” company and virtual presence, consequently limiting opportunities for investment acquisition, exits, and market penetration.

Investors invest on team more than on the product. If the team is abroad, they’re more hesitant in investing, which as a consequence limit the startup’s growth, resulting in smaller exits. Having a strong local presence is also a strong market preference.

Knowing this, we’ve developed a model, where the startup is ready to fully expand their business and grow vertically in order to secure or enhance its current position and further gain market ground.

We handle immigration requirements to onboard executive directors and other essential members from their international headquarters to ensure the quality and culture standards are also followed by the subsidiary.

Startups – Cohort-Based (3x a Year) – Seed to Series A

Our Startup program is designed for startups up to Series A, with an adaptable model allowing the entrepreneur not to be physically present for the entirity of the program.

Full Landing

  • 6 months (March – September | June – December | November – May)
  • Focused on market validation, investment acquisition, and verticalization
  • Business, Marketing, and Immigration Strategies
  • Full relocation support, including housing, health insurance, and cultural/language training;

Scaleups – Not Cohort-Based – Series B+

Our Scaleup program is designed for companies starting at Series B.

Our Internationalization Scaleup program is designed for startups that have acquired a Series B and higher valuation, and it is not cohort-based. Rather, the program follows a 6-12 month approach to sharing tasks between our team and the scaleup’s, and it is geared towards business development, following a 2:1 or 1:1 company per professional ratio, depending on how much the company is willing to invest.

  • 6-12 month program
  • Focused on business development;
  • Material analysis and auditing;
  • Initial immigration analysis and auditing
  • Business development and strategy;
  • Full marketing support and event representation;